All About Thiamine

Thiamine as you all know is an essential vitamin that our body needs to keep all the body function working optimally. It is one of those vitamins that is responsible for maintaining many of the essential and vital function. It participates in many of the enzymatic process that are related to the energy production. Energy, as you all know, is essential for all the cells. They need it to carry out all of their activities, survive, reproduce and do much much more. With all that said, thiamine is absolutely essential when it comes to being healthy.

Thiamine deficiencies are very rare these days, especially in the developed countries. Most of the food products that we eat are highly fortified in vitamin B1, also known as thiamine. We don’t need a huge amount of this vitamin to stay healthy. Only a small amount will the do the job for us, and provide us all that we need for our bodily functions. Since it is required in very small amount, it is easy to obtain from foods that contain a lot of thiamine. Also, it is very easy to treat deficiencies.

Thiamine deficiencies occur the most in alcoholics. This problem is very troublesome for individuals in the western countries. Regular consumption of alcohol interferes witht he absorption of thiamine. Alcohol does not let our body extract the thiamine it needs from the food we eat. Therefore, alcoholic individuals needs to stop drinking alcohol completely, or reduce the amount of alcohol they drink. This can ensure that you will get all the thiamine you need (if you don’t have any other medical condition that may interfere with thiamine absorption). Also, to easily treat deficiencies, you can just start on some vitamin supplementation and it will provide you enough thiamine you need.

Lastly, talk to your doctor first. It is the one thing you should always do before making any decision about your health. You doctor has your medical history. He/she knows which supplementation is best for you.


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